Precision induction sensors for measuring weak magnetic fields

Among the many types of magnetic field sensors for geophysical applications, induction sensors stand out for their simplicity of design, manufacturability, accessibility of materials and operational reliability.

Magnetic sensor

Induction sensor of the IMS series.

The main characteristics of the induction sensors of the IMS series can be found in the office of the company.

Station VMTU-10

The VMTU-10 station is designed for magnetotelluric and audiomagnetotelluric soundings. The station digitally registers three mutually orthogonal components of an alternating magnetic field and two components of an electric (telluric) field in a wide frequency range: from 0.0005 to 10 000 Hz.

The station is used for audiomagnetotelluric sounding, as well as for magnetotelluric and audiomagnetotelluric profiling during geological exploration at depths from the first hundred meters to several kilometers. It is possible to work with artificial sources of electromagnetic fields.

VMTU-10     Blok sbora dannyh

A set of magnetic sensors and a data acquisition unit of the VMTU-10 station in shipping containers.

Station ВЕГА-ММТ

The VEGA-MMT marine broadband magnetotelluric station is a complex of magnetometric and electrometric devices and is designed for magnetotelluric sounding in shallow water bodies, as well as in transitional zones of the seas and oceans.


Station ВЕГА-ММТ. Electric field sensors not shown. Housing covers removed.

ВЕГА-MMT station provides:

  • measuring and recording time derivatives of two mutually orthogonal components of the magnetic field;
  • calibration of induction magnetic field sensors;
  • measuring and recording electric field strength in two orthogonal directions.

The main characteristics of the VEGA-MMT station can be found in the office of the company.